*lodestar photography*

"If you let me, I will photograph you 'till the sun goes down. For reals."

I am not your typical photographer. I started Lodestar Photography with a purpose and a passion to help my clients see what I see. I see your beauty, your vulnerability, your strength, your enigma. I see your worth and your potential. I see your power.

I have combined my work as an Expressive Arts Therapist with my skills as a photographer to create Lodestar Photography, a place where people don't just get their photo taken, they experience transformations. A lodestar refers to a guide in the sky. At Lodestar Photography we serve as those guides...We guide you toward your best images, and capture you in your best light. And we show you what you might not have been able to see before: your inner beauty shining outward.

Part of taking a good picture is trusting the person aiming that shiny black camera at you. Lodestar Photography offers packages including several sessions of exploration work with Alana before the photo shoot to ensure you feel safe and a sense of freedom during your time in front of the camera. The result?
Photos you you will fall in love with.

These photos will signify the beginning of a beautiful relationship--with your self-image.

*Lodestar Photography
*Guiding You to Your Best Image